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Before reservation please read the information. The Reservation plan of BENEVIA apartments always shows the actual availability of the apartments, so you can rely on it.

1. Please mark on the calendar the period you are planning to stay. During the marking you should mark the nights you plan to spend in our apartment. First click on the date of you are planning to arrive then click on the date of the last night you are planning to stay at the apartment. Your chosen days will be highlighted in yellow. E.g. if you arrive on 1st June and plan to stay until 10th June, choose 1 and 9 of June.

IMPORTANT! We accept 1 night reservations for the weekends only on the actual week if available. It means for the following weekends we accept only 2 night reservations (Thu-Sat, Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon).

2. Number of guests: Please give the number of guests. We warmly welcome one child under the age of 3 years free of any charges as a child discount, so in this case one person should be derived from the total number of guests (eg. 2 adult + 2 children under the age of 3 years = number of guest: 3, or 2 adults + 1 child under the age of 3 years = number of guest: 2)

CHILD DISCOUNT! In case of small apartments a child under the age of 3 years is awaited free of charge if the crib provided by us is suitable for you. We can provide a 60*120 cm crib with coconut mattress and child bed linen if it is suitable for you. In case of large apartments from 2 or 3 children accompanied by 2 adults one child under the age of 3 years is also awaited free of charge.

3. The cumulated price for apartments will be seen after filling the data. The price does not include tourism tax, which is 400 HUF/person/night.). If you require a crib (provided free of charge) please mark on the list. If you arrive by car and require a parking place (provided free of charge) please mark on the list. if you plan to pay with SZÉP card please also mark on the list.

4. We are kindly asking you to transfer the 30% of the price within 3 working days after reservation to the bank account given on the reservation list. If the reservation made within 5 days of arrival we are asking you to pay the full price.



1. If you don’t have any questions and the price is acceptable for you, please give the required data in the Reservation field, and after accepting the terms of use described in Information forward your reservation by clicking the green Send button.

2. We reserve your apartment for the given nights and in your browser a reservation list will be seen with the data on accommodation and data provided by you. This will be sent via e-mail also, in which we will describe the further actions to be done. IMPORTANT! At this stage your reservation is still in pending status. In the calendar your reserved nights it will be shown with green colour.

3. Finalisation of your reservation is done by transferring or paying the deposit to the given bank account within 3 working days after reservation. If the payment will not arrive the reservation will be deleted to our greatest sadness. We will send you an e-mail upon the arrival of the advance.
The sum of deposit is shown on the reservation list. Should you later by any reason cancel your finalised reservation, please inform us via e-mail or phone not later than 3 days before your arrival.